INVEST into the future




Here are our new ideas.

Token Versatility

Atari Tokens are not confined to the average gambling games such as Poker, Roulette and Blackjack. You can also avail your Atari Tokens to play various other games in the Atari Casino. Just polish your skills and get ready to win big.

Improve Your Tactics

Remember, the more strategic you are, the more are your chances to win! We have designed many creative games in which players with the right strategy and clever tactics can compete and win the bonus money.

Security Preferences

With our decentralized Token transactions and storage, you don’t have to worry about any tampering or Token devaluation.

Easily Interchangeable

Atari Tokens make sure that the customers get the best services anywhere, anytime. Hence, all of our Tokens are on the Atari exchange lists so the Token holders can exchange their Tokens to any possible crypto-currency or fiat currency they want.


Our mission is to make Atari Token more accessible so other developers could incorporate them in their games.

Long Term Plan

In the long run, we aim to regulate the Atari Tokens for a number of innovative and creative gaming applications.

Q. What is the Atari Token?
A. The Atari Token is a crypto-currency built using the Ethereum protocol (ERC20) and Decentralized Ledger Technology. Its primary objective is to be a means of payment within the interactive entertainment industry, but we believe the token will be beneficial for other industries as well. Eventually, we envision the Atari Token being available worldwide as a means of payment. The Atari Token has many uses, from facilitating smart contracts to expanding and protecting in-game monetization and assets. We aim at creating a token that is safe, simple to use, reliable, universal, and liquid.
Q. How do I buy the Atari Token?
A. Tokens can be bought in pre-sale using standard cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. By purchasing the tokens in pre-sale, you’re getting a voucher for the amount of tokens you bought, which you can claim when the Token goes live.
Q. What is a crypto-currency?
Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency that uses cryptography for its security. They have many advantages over the traditional currencies: • Their value cannot be influenced by producing more coins, because the production is secured by cryptography; • They are usually decentralized and do not require a central governance, making them safer and more reliable; • They allow the user to be in full control of his or her funds, without the involvement of third parties; • They can be used for more specific purposes, such as for smart contracts or stores of value for items.
Q. What is the company's mission?
A. Our goal is to make the Atari Token available to users and to develop over time as many use cases as possible, starting with casino games playable with crypto-currencies.
Q. What functionality do shielded addresses have?
A. The use of a shielded address permits a user to break the link between transactions that would otherwise be traceable if a transparent address has been used used.
Q. What if there is a critical vulnerability in the protocol?
A. Our protocol has the highest safety procedures. In the unlikely event of a breach, our team will immediateky devote their utmost attention to restoring the integrity of the network.